09 Jun 2010 - Film-Runner News

More free support and advice for UK film and TV professionals!

Film-Runner.com and Workline have joined forces to help offer free employment advice and information for those working in the UK Film and TV industries, primarily as freelance or on short term contracts.

Working in the Film and TV industry can be tough enough without having to worry about the prospects of becoming a freelancer, let alone tax issues, employment contracts and so on. Fortunately Workline have partnered with Freelance Advisor to take a lot of the worry and stress out of starting as a freelancer, plus there's help and support for those already working freelance.

With over 50% of those working in the UK Film and TV Industries estimated to be freelance, and with working practices quite industry specific, there are many advantages to what Workline can offer you. These include :

• A personal e-mail and telephone helpline for those working in the UK Media sector for those with complicated queries.

• Support from Employment Lawyers Goodman Derrick LLP so ‘callers’ can receive some free legal advice if necessary. 

• Plus all advice is free, often industry and freelancer specific and covers all employment related topics and is accessed from the wider Freelance Advisor site.

So a useful resource to have at your fingertips! For more info go to  www.freelanceadvisor.co.uk/workline-uk/ and see how they can help you.


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