29 Apr 2010 - Film-Runner News

Hooray! Film Crew Pro - Now in cahoots with Film-Runner.com

Film Crew Pro have now teamed up with Film-Runner.com to help further your chances of breaking into the film industry... 

Film Crew Pro is an online directory of film and TV professionals which allows members to create a free profile with a showreel, find jobs, network and browse a unique film database which connects crew and cast.

Those looking for crew can post their requirements on the site free of charge, or search the database of professional crew. Members include everyone from Runners, Camera Assistants, Sound Recordists, Directors, Editors, to Make-up Artists, Animators, Scriptwriters and Stunt Co-ordinators.

There is also a resources section, with a noticeboard, links and lists of companies that members have worked for. Furthermore they have recently added a new section called 'case studies' where members have shared information about various job types. 

For more information about Film Crew Pro and how they can benefit you, please click here

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