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Maddie96 - 12/06/2013 11:49:54


I am 17 years old and i'm looking into becoming a floor runner. I was wondering if there is any work experience available, or anybody knows of any. I have been on set before and have very little experience. I loved it and this is what has made me want to become a runner. 

I would also like to know what i need to do. (CV, course i can do to give me an upper hand) 


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Camilleb - 03/10/2011 08:22:57

Hello everyone,

I'm writing first of all to say how much I like the book! it really helps especially for me who come from France and we don't really have the runner position it's not the same at all!

I  had my first shooting as a runner today and apparently I did well from what the AD said so i'm quite happy but i think the book really helps especially all the tips about what bring on set and be really into it, nice but still serious when it's necessary, also being interested into people, I checked everyone on google before the shooting to see if they had previous work or website I could see and they were impressed I knew some of their work, that can make a difference and show your interest!

Then Ali about the net working thing, I understand it's quite hard at the beginning, i start to get to know some people but its more for unpaid job and short film and I would like to break into TV especially serial drama/comedy serie as misfits, peep show, the inbetweeners ....If you know the website meetup you have so many group about film making, i'm going tomorrow to an event it's more about TV and I guess it can help to get to know people , at least spend a good evening and get some advice from others!

Someone else also advise me to keep doing unpaid work but try to choose more carefully, for example a company who may call you back but for a paid job then, I also think work placement can work well!

My best friend also give me an advice ( he is an AC for about a year now) , try to look in a different way, it's good to send CV but also going out, meeting people, using twitter, having a website etc...this can really help, sometimes you get a job because you were at the right place at the right moment and this place can be a pub or anything else :)


thanks a lot for the website it's so helpfull!





Jameswin - 06/09/2011 02:34:33

Hi there,

My name is James and my company is called Focus 24. We are based in Hoxton Square, London and are always on the lookout for runners.

Focus 24 is a digital camera equipment hire company suppling kit to a variety of companies / individuals in the London area (specifically East).

It's hands-on experience with a kit room environment so you can learn vital experience and create contacts which is essential for those looking to break into film.

Drop me a line on james@focus24.tv

Carrie - 18/07/2010 11:47:41


 I just wanted some advice I haven't any experience and also no clue in how to get started.  What do I put in my CV and where would i send them too? Just need a little help if anyone has any free time that would be great, would really appreciate it.

 Thanks again


Admin - 11/06/2010 11:08:11

Dear DHW,

I would encourage you to keep trying, I know it must be frustrating and somewhat depressing to being repeatedly knocked back, but there isn't an exact science to getting a job as a runner - you don't go through the motions and then get a positive result at the end, it simply doesn't work that way. 

You mentioned that you've had 5 or 6 job interviews, which tells me that you must be doing something right to get to the job interview stage, but perhaps doing something wrong in the interview stage... People are looking for enthusiasm, honesty, a genuine passion, an ability to communicate well and all the rest of those obvious things you have probably heard before. Maybe change your approach in the next interview you have? Just a thought.

As for temporary runner agencies, I'm sorry to say I haven't much knowledge about them, so I can't really comment, but hopefully someone else on the forum has had experience with them and can enlighten you.

Either way, all the best - I hope you land a job soon.

Kind Regards,

Will J. 

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